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Mecha Rushdown is a two player Mech fighting game designed for VR where you use your own hands and body to control the massive 20ft tall robots in high powered MMA and boxing style showdowns. Showers of sparks will fly and pieces of shrapnel whizz right by your  virtual face as you dodge, weave, punch and fire off energy blasts to take

out your opponent!


The game is designed for VR only and can be played in both 3rd and Mech 1st person views. The punches are your own hand movements while kicks and locomotion comes from

your controllers button and analogue stick inputs. Jump to jump-hover!


Between fights you can spend time in your Hangar to practice your moves in the silo workout area, or check out the global and regional Ranking stats on yourself and others until you feel ready to line up the next Challenge!


Currently only for Oculus Rift + Touch.


Hi!  Here below is the first video update that I have done in a while! It shows the actual in-game rig for one of the Mechs, the Nova Kinetics coorporations' Patriot model. It's a turntable of pure gameplay moves where I recorded myself playing with the Rift headset and touch controllers. There's improvements to be made but

I thought it looked pretty cool so I wanted to share!


Please leave comments or questions on the youtube page!    - Fredrik

Below you can see the first concept video that I did. I made it to try to communicate the idea of how I wanted the game to play and feel. I already had some of the assets at a pretty advanced stage even back then.

Most of the animation here was captured in Unreal but then taken into a 3d animation package for editing before I took it back to Unreal to render out the clips.

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